Yamaha has revealed the 2020 Sport Heritage model


Returning bikes include the VMAX, Bolt Cruiser and V Star 250.
In what has become an annual autumn rite, large motorcycle companies collectively throw their latest information of the model year in our inbox, with Yamaha being the ultimate manufacturer to distribute its line in the US market. The 2020 releases this year include VMAX, Bolt Bolt and V Star 250.

At this point, each season, the tireless crush of model launches becomes faster and furious, with the Big Four deploying their planned model for the new year. The company's latest series of models returning from Yamaha in the Sport Heritage category are the "Urban" VMX, Bolt and Bolt R-Spec Cruiser, with the V Star 250 basic level at the rear. These are new and eye-catching colors for this last group, but let's take a closer look anyway.

Distinguished, Legendary, Unique: Superpowers have piled on for Mr. Max during his long and illustrious career. A "power cruiser" (we're not even sure when it cruised), the tire crusher was always defined and defined as the final incarnation of its V-4 engine, the 65-degree engine, before the term came into existence. 1,679 ccs. Compromise with, yes, 170 horsepower. What you'll see by 2020 is a warped acceleration with fly-by-wire technology, and it's typical 4-in-1-in-2-in-4 exhaust system. The 2020 VMX will hit the showroom floor in October, but only in Matt Raven Black, for an MSRP of $ 17,999, which hasn't changed since last year.

The popular Yamaha Bolt is set to return to the field by 2020, reflecting what Yamaha calls the "urban performance" segment, which feels like the same place in the market that Harley Sportster occupies. We certainly know that the Bolt still has a 60-degree, 942 ccs V-twin air-cooled engine that pumps out large pieces of solid-power and low-power torque. The somber and stripped look is a winner, with a louder sound to the bobber style, while lower seat height and a vertical driving position allow you to take advantage of the compact chassis maneuver. You can only get the Bolt 2020 in Raven, and it will be sold at a suggested price of $ 7,999.

Yes, it is almost the same bike as the Bolt, but with better suspension and wheels. In the R-Spec, the only differences come in the form of twin rear shock absorbers and 12-spoke alloy wheels adjusted for a more compound ride that gives the R-spec a slight ruffle as well as increased resistance. Another difference is color; The 2020 R-Spec will only be available in matte silver. It will be in distributors at the end of September, with MSRP to be announced at $ 8,399.

The last 250cc classic cruiser left? In a field that was once full of classic-style bikes, the 2020 V Star 250 is now the master of its own much smaller domain and the only remaining V-twin in the class. This hasn't changed much until 2020: you still get a 249cc V-twin air-cooled, five-speed transmission and chain drive, but power is predicted and facilitated in an N-level package. The low seat height of 27 inches and the lightness of the bike make it easy for beginners to use, and an estimated 78 mpg will certainly not affect the pocket. The 2020 V Star 250 can be obtained in metallic silver and comes in mid-September priced at $ 4,349.

Several months ago, Yamaha also mentioned that it would be returning the Star Venture Tour model by 2020 with a new color option, without making changes, but without the Elder. Nor is it mentioned that the XSRs - the XSR900 and its relative XSR700 - will return by this time by 2020. Stay tuned.