50% support for sacking Trump and removing him from office

50% support for sacking Trump and removing him from office

Half of Americans say that according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, President Donald Trump should be removed from office and a new record in the CNN election on the subject and the first time impeachment and impeachment were supported, the opposition There was a big loss.

However, as support for the allegation has increased, Trump's approval ratings in general and to deal with significant problems have not been affected. Overall, 41% approved of his presidency and 57% disapproved of it, similar to his qualifications in early September and formally held a political test in late September in the August election before the House of Representatives declare. Started investigation.

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Trump says Trump improperly used his office to gain political advantage. His conversation with the President of Ukraine in the September CNN election is 49% against his 2020 rival. Also, they now say that Trump did not use the presidency improperly (43%, compared to 39%), as the ratio was reduced to unspecified on the issue. The change was largely driven by a 16-point increase in the proportion of Republicans who say Trump did not abuse the presidency (from 71% to 87%).

Overall, 50% say that the things Trump has said publicly about his handling of US relations with Ukraine are mostly false. Fewer, 44% think the president is telling the truth about it, with opinions clearly divided by one party (86% of Republicans say their public statements have been mostly true, while 83% of Democrats say mostly lies Huh).

Support for dismissal and removal is strong among Democrats (87% of parties) and 50% of independents. Among Republicans, only 6% say they support the impeachment and dismissal of the Republican president, down from 14% in the CNN election in September. While some other polls have found support for double-digit impeachment among Republicans, most have found Republican support closer to the level in the new CNN election than in September.

Beyond partisanship, the demographic divide lines in the recall reflect those who have raised Trump's approval ratings in their entirety. Women (56%) are destructive and in favor of removal as compared to men (44%). Non-Whites (68%) support it in greater numbers than whites (40%), and whites are divided by education (compared to 35% of degrees without removal and 51% with university degrees of removal; In) and over gender (26))% of white men without university degrees favor dismissal and removal, but this is higher than 54% among white women who have four-year degrees).

The survey found that Americans, in general, political trials are rooted in their views on each side of the debate. 90% of Trump's say-and-rejecters say they feel strongly this way, as 86% say they should not be dismissed and dismissed.

Americans are more likely to reject than to acknowledge how both the Congress, the White House, and the State Department are handling political trial investigations.

Democrats in Congress do better with 43% approval and 49% disapproval. The rejection exceeds the Republican congressional approval of the political test probe by about 2 to 1: 57% disapproved and 30% approval. Republicans themselves are more positive with their supporters in Congress: 52% approved and 32% declined to deal with the investigation, but Democrats express much stronger approval by their own congressional supporters (82% approval, 13 % Rejected).

The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who announced a political trial inquiry in late September, has seen favorable numbers improve in the new vote. Its compatibility rating ranks its best brand since April 2007 with a favorable view of 44% and unfavorable 46%. This increase is primarily based on changes between freedoms since May: 32% had a favorable opinion at the time, while 42% now do so.

About half of Americans say most congressional Democrats favor impeachment because they believe Trump committed an innocent crime (48%), while 4 in 10 say it is because they want to That Trump would like to capture the price (42%). On Congressional Republicans' motivation, the referendum turned upside down, with 50% stating that Republicans in Congress are primarily opposed to the dismissal because they want to protect Trump, compared to 40% who say it is so because they believe that they are not committed the impeccable crime.

The public divides whether former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, mentioned in the President's phone call with the President of Ukraine and became a central figure in the political trial investigation, had great influence over policy decisions. External: 40% say they did and 41% said no. The former mayor's favorable qualifications have been affected in the investigation, as now 56% say they have a copy Qool approach includes a 17-point increase in unfavorable opinion among independents, compared to 45% last year. is.

However, there has been no decrease in Trump's compatibility index, with the remaining 42% favorable and 56% unfavorable. The President has also observed that his approval rating remains stable or increases in the last month to handle the main problems. Its approval rating for managing the economy declined in early September: 52% approved that score, compared to 48%. Their numbers are the same in cases of immigration and foreign affairs, while they add 4 digits to foreign trade.

A CNN survey was conducted by SSRS from 17 to 20 October among a random national sample of 1,003 adults contacted on landline or cell phone by live interviewers. The overall sample results have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.