Astro vs. Ray: Five Things You Should Know About the Series Victory in Houston in Game 5 of ALDS

Astro vs. Ray: Five Things You Should Know About the Series Victory in Houston in Game 5 of ALDS
On Thursday, the Houston Astros defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 6–1 in Game 5 of the American League Division Series. This win meant Astro's lead in the American League Championship Series, their third consecutive game, facing the New York Yankees for the right to represent the American League in the World Series. Meanwhile, the Rays are going home for the winter.

Below, five things you should know about Game 5.

1. Cole Push (Again)

Gerrit Cole is going to be a very rich man, thanks to an outing like Thursday very soon.

While Cole did not concede 15 batters, as he did in Game 2, he struck out eight innings allowing two hits and one run. He fired two and fired 10. His 25 strikes are the most marked by an Astros pitcher in a series.

Cole threw 107 pitches on the night, making 19 swinging hits on his fastball at an average of 97.2 mph. Of those 19, 10 arrived in his fastball and another six in his slider. None of its releases recorded an average exit speed of more than 90 mph.

Cole was the head except for the house run by Eric Sogard. That's the main reason the Astros are rolling out the ALCS, and the only drawback for Houston is that it won't be available to start Game 1.

2. Astro jumped quickly

The Astros got off to a quick start, registering four consecutive hits to start the game and take a 4–0 lead before the first inning ended.

George Springer added the single; Michael Brentley released the single; Jose Altuve released; Alex Bregman doubled, and Yuli Guériel later hit a single in the second race.

Astro would later add a home match run by Brentley and Altuve, but all these were needed to ensure victory. Give them credit for taking full advantage of their first opportunities.

3. Was Glasgow overturned?

We covered the issue more in-depth at other venues, but during the game, some former major league hitters claimed that Glasgow was bending their pitches, perhaps with an excessive handshake before starting their delivery.

It is worth noting that astrophysicists seem particularly skilled and/or expert in seeking advice. The same group discovered a message in the delivery of Yu Darvish during the 2017 World Series.

4. Ray Ray's rest of the staff retained him in the game.

After the first inning, Josh held the lead without a hit until Josh Redick recorded a single in the bottom of the seventh inning. Who was responsible for that good stretch of pitching? Originally all Tampa Bay employees.

The Rays used Blake Snell, Chase Rowe, Ryan Yarbros, Nick Anderson, Diego Castillo, Colin Poche, Emilio Pagan, and Brendan McKay after taking out Glasuck. For those counting at home, there are a total of nine pitches. But again, it worked: The final seven allowed three hits and two runs on five frames. Eventually, the Rays had to be satisfied with that performance.

5. Monster ALCS Awaiting Showdown

As mentioned in the introduction, Astro will now get the Yankees to start the ALCS, and things will start Saturday night. The Astros were 4-3 against the Yankees during the regular season, beating them by a two-run margin, suggesting that we are for good. Whoever prevails will play against the winner of the 2019 World Series and the Washington National League Championship Series at the St. Louis Cardinals.

With Astro and Yannick and others, Kiran will now go to Offense, in hopes of maintaining his roster better in the 2020 season.