Hunter Biden denies any "moral period" in his work in Ukraine and China

Hunter Biden denies any "moral period" in his work in Ukraine and China

In an interview with ABC News, the former Vice President's son rejected the "ridiculous" President Trump's suggestion that he and his father had done bad things.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s son, Hunter Biden, admitted in an interview broadcast Tuesday that he may not have been appointed to the board of a foreign company if his last name was not Biden but rejected President Trump's suggestions. That he and his father have done bad things.

In an interview with ABC News, Biden said, "Have I made a mistake? Maybe in grand plans." "But I made a mistake based on a moral word? No, not at all."

"I don't think much has happened in my life if my last name wasn't Biden," Biden told ABC Robbie to ABC.

Trump took advantage of young Biden's work in Ukraine and China to launch a series of attacks against the former vice president, a prominent Democratic presidential candidate, during the past month. There is no evidence of the president's claims that Mr. Biden improperly intervened to help his son while in office, but that has not stopped him and other Republicans from raising questions about a possible conflict of interest.

The young Mr. Biden, who recently resigned from the board of a Chinese investment company, said his service had become a "distraction because I have to sit here and answer these questions." That is why I have resolved not to work on any board or work in foreign institutions when my father becomes president. This is the rule I am going to follow. "

The 49-year-old Biden said he used "worse decisions" than "bad swamps". But he blamed his father's opponents, including Mr. Trump, for spreading a "ridiculous conspiracy idea", including his work.

"I gave a hook to some very immoral people for acting illegally to hurt my father," he said. "That's where I made a mistake. So I take full responsibility for it. Have I done anything wrong? No, no way. No way."

Many strategists and Democratic officials have warned that the issue is in danger of becoming a distraction for the former Vice President. The Hunter Biden interview will be broadcast hours before his father appears in the fourth primary presidential debate on Tuesday night. There, Mr. Biden would stand at the center of the podium with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who had overtaken Mr. Biden in several recent elections.

Over the past month, Mr. Biden and his family's investigations have injected some degree of risk and uncertainty into his campaign, making it even more necessary for him to achieve such constant and fluid debate, which until now Endowed, Democratic. Agents and activists said.

A lawyer for Hunter Biden said in a statement on Sunday that he planned to leave the board of the Chinese private equity company by the end of October, and if the old Mr. Biden was elected president, Hunter Biden would "not serve on the board "Will agree" Directors of foreign-owned companies or acting on your behalf.

Mr. Biden previously served on the board of Burma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company, even during a time when his father ran US policy in that country, but the old Mr. Biden Democrat announced his nomination

While Mr. Biden said he came to know about the statements of his son's lawyers, the measure came as the first recognition that Hunter Biden's foreign occupation had threatened his father's campaign.

For his part, the elder Mr. Biden strongly defended his son's integrity on Sunday and strongly denied that there were conflicts of interest at stake.

Instead, he provoked many difficult members of the promising Trump family: "No one in my family will hold office in the White House, he will sit in meetings as if he were a member of the cabinet, in fact, he was a foreign corporation or someone Trade relations with a foreign country. "

On Monday morning, Mr. Biden's campaign launched a plan to focus on promoting morality in government. His campaign and his allies have said that Biden will strongly reject Trump and continue to discuss policy issues, such as medical care, in the debate phase and in the election campaign.