Ronnie Ortiz-Magro arrested for kidnapping after the alleged attack on Jane Harley

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro arrested for kidnapping after the alleged attack on Jane Harley

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of "Jersey Shore" is in police custody after allegedly beating Jane Harley, chasing him with a knife and eventually forcing police to harass him ... TMZ revealed.

Ronnie and his girlfriend, Jane, came into another heated discussion on Friday morning due to several violent incidents, after 2:30 pm, on Airbnb where they are staying on rent in Los Angeles. According to our law enforcement sources.

As we've seen in the past ... the argument quickly spiraled out of control, as Ronnie reportedly slapped and slapped Jane ... who ran out of the house and screamed for help.

Police received several calls to 911 stating that Jane was in danger.

Our police sources say that Ronnie followed her ... running after Jane, believed to have a knife in her hand, and badly, even with her young daughter! We are told that Ronnie was holding 18-month-old Ariana while she was screaming for Jane to come home.

They tell us that Ronnie finally dropped the knife and locked himself and Ariana in the house. It was here that the police arrived at the scene and did not respond to his orders to leave.

We were told that the police decided to knock on the door because they were worried that Ariana might be in danger. According to our police sources, Ronnie still won't go peacefully ... so the officers had to use a tusser gun to knock him out.

FOX 11 LA, which revealed the story, received a video of Ronnie on handcuffed stretchers after being buried.

The police took Ronnie to a hospital for review ... and told that they would register him as soon as the doctors approved him.

At the scene, paramedics examined Jane and the child, and none of them suffered serious physical injuries. They tell us that Jane had bruises on her face.

Of course, all of this happened less than 12 hours later when we saw Jane and Ronnie holding hands in Bev Hills, and said that they are together again.

He told us that he had ignored all advice from friends and family, which, as we have reported many times, believed that he had an absolutely toxic relationship.

In July, Jane ran out of domestic battery stemming from an alleged fight in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve when Ronnie claims Jane threw an ashtray over her head.

Harley claims that when he returned home that night, his place was ransacked and of course, he thinks it was Ronnie. She accused him of breaking a flat-screen TV, frame, and vase. Ronnie went to submit a battery report on 3 January, for which he was arrested in May.