Crona virus is spreading fast in India

Crona virus is spreading fast in India
Crona virus is spreading fast in India, it is the symptoms and prevention of this virus.
An infection named Coronavirus was first seen in China. Many people have died due to corona virus in China. According to the information, it has been learned that the infection named Coronavirus is caused by the Chinese people drinking bat soup. It can also be said that it has become very expensive for Chinese people to drink bat soup.

Health officials are making efforts to prevent this infection, but it is becoming very difficult to stop it. The death toll due to Coronavirus in China has crossed 106. Apart from this, the number of people battling Coronavirus infection has been around 4600.

Coronavirus in india

After China, the Coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in India.

According to science, it has been found that Coronavirus is not just a virus, but this virus is made up of many viruses. According to some experts, it has been said that this virus has been seen in animals like bats, cats, snakes and camels. Meaning it is clearly known that Coronavirus has come from some animals to humans. It has been reported by the World Health Organization that being vulnerable to Coronavirus can prove fatal.

Symptoms of coronavirus

Coronavirus is now seen spreading rapidly in India after China. Talking about the symptoms of coronavirus, this virus is spreading like respiratory infection. Crona virus can cause symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose due to cold cold, difficulty in breathing, headache and fever, pneumonia, swelling in lungs. It has been learned that the Krona virus is a very deadly virus, yet no injection has been prepared. To avoid it directly, safety is the only protection.

Rescue from coronavirus

To avoid the infection named Coronavirus, first of all, you have to take special care of cleanliness. To avoid infection, cover the nose and mouth with a handkerchief or tissue paper while sneezing or coughing. Avoid contact with whoever has a cold. Cover the mouth and nose with a mask before leaving the house. Apart from this, cook eggs and meat and eat it well, because it is also prone to spreading the virus. Do not come into direct contact with pets or wild animals. Also, wash hands thoroughly with alcoholic hand wash.