Drinking neem juice gives many benefits

Drinking neem juice gives many benefits

Neem has many health benefits. Neem is very beneficial for our body, skin and hair. Its bitter taste tastes bad to many people, so they are unable to eat even after wanting it. This is why it is easier to drink neem juice.

Neem juice is very bitter, which is very difficult to drink. If you want its benefits, then put it in a glass and consider it as a medicine and drink it together. Always drink neem juice in the morning. To reduce its brittleness, add salt and light water.

Benefits of Neem juice:

# Anti-inflammatory elements are found in neem, neem extract is considered very good for getting rid of pimple and acne.

Apart from this, neem juice is also effective in improving the tone of the body.

# Drinking the juice of neem leaves and honey in the ratio of 2.1 is beneficial in jaundice, and putting it in the ear also benefits in ear disorders.

# By drinking neem juice, body dirt gets removed. Due to which the quality of hair, skin degeneration becomes good.