Penis trapped in $ex toy, doctors saved life with the help of gas cutter

Penis trapped in $ex toy, doctors saved life with the help of gas cutter

The life of a man in Mumbai was saved by the doctors of JJ Hospital. The private part of the man, who was using an iron ring for $exual stimulation, was trapped in this 3mm ring. After the case came to light, the doctors of JJ Hospital underwent surgery and somehow took out his private part.

During this time, the help of a Public Works Department employee was also taken, with the help of which the private part could be pulled out of it by cutting the ring with a gas cutter. According to doctors, a Mumbai-based man started using a metal ring to increase $exual arousal. During this, his private part got stuck in this ring.

However, due to shame, this person did not tell his family anything thinking that he would somehow get his private part out of the ring. However this did not happen and his condition deteriorated on Tuesday. The man, who was groaning due to pain, was immediately admitted to JJ Hospital in Mumbai.

Help sought from PWD officials

The physicians of the Urology Department at JJ Hospital first tried to get the ring out of all medical methods. However, when this did not happen, the doctors of the hospital sought help from a Public Works Department official. Late in the night, a PWD contractor was called to the hospital and very carefully cut the ring out of the private part. Doctors said that to save the life of the person, he had to undergo a major surgery, after which somehow his life could be saved.