While ordering Nirbhaya's convicts to be hanged, the judge said a big thing

January 31, 2020
While ordering Nirbhaya's convicts to be hanged, the judge said a big thing

New Delhi: Yesterday, the hanging date was fixed for Nirbhaya's slayer but due to the legal betting screw, the hanging of Nirbhaya's slayer has been postponed once again. Delhi's Patiala House Court has prohibited the execution of Nirbhaya's murderers until further orders. Explain that this is the second time the hanging of the culprits has been postponed. Earlier, the date for hanging the culprits was fixed at 7 am on January 22.

While ordering the execution of Nirbhaya convicts to be hanged, the judge said, "Without commenting on the weak tactics adopted by the convicts, it is necessary to state that redressal of one's grievances through the process established by law is the hallmark of any civil society." "He said," The courts of this country cannot afford to prejudice any convict adversely, including capital punishment. "

At the same time, Nirbhaya's mother Asha Devi wept while talking to reporters after Nirbhaya's death sentence was postponed.

He expressed grief over the delay in hanging. Nirbhaya's mother told reporters outside the court, "I am sorry that the counsel for the culprits has challenged me and said that this hanging will not last forever." I am repeatedly bending the government in front of those criminals. I have been sitting in the court room since 10 am and now the decision is coming that the hanging has been postponed. These people are repeatedly challenging and getting the hanging suspended. Nirbhaya's mother said that she will continue her fight.