Gold mines found in Sonbhadra, India. India will again become 'gold bird'!

February 22, 2020
Gold mines found in Sonbhadra, India. India will again become 'gold bird'!
The state of the country's economy is not good, at which time there is no good news about the country's economy. At that time, a news has come from Sonbhadra of Uttar Pradesh which can bring happiness on everyone's face.

Let me tell you that a team of Geological Survey of India has announced that they have found a gold mine in the hills of Sonbhadra. Which has so much gold that after getting it, India can be among the top 3 countries in the world in terms of gold.

How much gold does India have?

India currently has a stock of about 626 tonnes of gold and it is being told that geologists have discovered 2943 tonnes of gold in the Sonbhadra hills alone. In addition, other mineral deposits including uranium are also expected to be found in these mountains.

May the country prosper

If the estimates of geologists are correct, then the value of this gold is said to be around 12 lakh crores. This amount is such that with which the economy of the country can be greatly strengthened.

Who has so much gold in the world

Currently, the United States has the world's largest gold reserves, about 8,133 tonnes. Which is 76.9% of the total foreign exchange reserves. Germany (Germany) with 3366.8 tonnes of gold in the second place and Italy in the third place has 2451.8 tonnes of gold.