This person spread corona virus in many countries of the world

This person spread corona virus in many countries of the world

The search for businessman Steve Walsh is now complete. Walsh is currently in a London hospital. The person is accused of inadvertently infecting many people with the corona virus. Walsh is currently free from Corona infection and is housed in the Quarantine Center.

Steve Walsh arrived in January to attend a sales conference of UK gas analytics firm Servomex. Here he became infected with Corona. 109 delegates were present at the luxurious Hyatt Hotel in Singapore for the conference. After some time, corona virus was found in many of these people.

In fact, two South Korean citizens who had come to attend the Singapore conference had fallen ill with the infection of a Malaysian patient.

Three more who came to the conference were found to be infected, after which its case came to light in Europe. Walsh was also present here.

After the conference, Walsh went on a France vacation with his wife. During this time, four of his friends in Britain who came into contact with him were infected with Corona. A Spanish citizen, who came in contact with Walsh, found himself infected after returning home. In this way, Walsh had already infected 11 people with Corona.

At the same time, in view of the corona virus outbreak in China, the Ministry of Home Affairs has extended screening procedures such as airport at the borders to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) as security preventive measures to avoid infection. Is directed to adopt.

In an advisory issued this week, the ministry has instructed the ITBP, SSB and other departments to maintain vigilance at the borders about the Novel Corona virus.

The virus has been given a new name, Kovid-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO).