743 people died in Italy in one day from Corona virus

743 people died in Italy in one day from Corona virus
743 people died in Italy in one day from Coronavirus, 2.6 billion people in world lockdown

On Tuesday, 743 people died of the Coronavirus in Italy. Along with this, the hope of overcoming the epidemic has also suffered a setback due to the decrease in the figures of the dead for two days.

Tuesday is the second day since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic in Italy, with the highest number of deaths, but the Civil Protection Agency has said that it seems that the infection rate is decreasing on the basis of new cases on Monday.

The death toll due to Coronavirus infection worldwide reached 16,961. The AFP has collected these figures from official sources which were released on Tuesday. The first case of coronavirus was reported in China in December last year, since then more than 3,86,350 cases have been confirmed in 175 countries.

A heartbreaking case came out from Spain

At the same time, a heart-wrenching case has emerged in Spain amid the outbreak of the Corona virus.
Soldiers who went to hospitals to get infection-free found people living in the midst of filth and infected bodies, suspected to have died from the coronavirus. A judicial inquiry has been started in this regard.

Defense Minister Margarita Robles said that the elderly people were either 'completely' left to themselves or some were left dead on their beds. He said that many nursing homes have been found and many bodies have been found. However, he did not provide information about where these hospitals are and how many bodies have been found.

There have been 6,584 new cases of infection in Spain on Tuesday and the total number of infected people has reached 39,673. At the same time, the number of dead reached 2,696. So far 1,535 people have died in the Spanish capital. "This is a difficult week," said Fernando Simone, head of the Spanish Health Emergency Center. He said that 5,400 health workers have been infected by the virus so far.

2.6 billion people around the world in lockdown

With the implementation of lockdown measures to fight the coronavirus by India, more than 2.6 billion population of the entire world has come under sanctions. According to the United Nations, in the year 2020, the world population is 7.8 billion and after the lockdown worldwide, more than 2.6 billion population has been imprisoned in their homes. Lockdown has started in 42 countries around the world including Britain, France, Italy and Spain, America's Columbia, Nepal, Iraq, and Madagascar.

India and New Zealand are the newest countries to be included in this list. In most of these countries, people are still going out of their homes to go to work, buy food or other need or to go to the doctors.