Another Hollywood actress in the grip of Corona

March 23, 2020
Another Hollywood actress in the grip of Corona
The corona virus that started from China is slowly spreading around the world. The most victims of this deadly disease are those who have traveled abroad in recent times. In the past, there have been cases of many celebrities being corona positive. At the same time, another actress has come under the grip of this dangerous virus. This actress has given information about this on social media. Along with this, he has also shared his long health by sharing a long post on Instagram. We are talking about the famous Hollywood actress Debbie Mazar.

Hollywood actress Debbie Mazar has been found to be Corona positive. Debbie Mazar told the world on Sunday that she was infected with Corona. Debbie has written a long post on the official Instagram account with one of her latest photos. In which he has given information about his health to the followers. Knowing about Debbie, her social media followers are shocked. It has been 5 days since Debbie became infected with Corona.

Debbie Mazar wrote in her post- 'I have been found corona positive. but I'm fine. A month ago my whole family had fever and headaches. The throat was also going bad. But then everything went well. On March 15, the same symptoms started coming to my body again, just this time the intensity was more. I also had 102.4 fever. I thought maybe there was a flu or corona '. He said that- 'I am going through the worst phase of my life. One day I have problems and on the next day I feel fine. Today I have pain in my lungs'.

Debbie also informed that she could not get her corona tested for a long time. According to her, because she was not completing all the criterias to get the corona test done. But later she got her corona test done through her friend and she was found infected. Before Debbie, stars like Andrew Watt, Christopher Hivju, Idris Ilba and Tom Hanks have been found to be Corona positive.