Corona! 627 people died in 24 hours in Italy alone

Corona! 627 people died in 24 hours in Italy alone
It started from China, but it has created the most chaos in Italy. According to the news agency, 627 people died in this country in 24 hours on Friday. So far, 4032 people have died in Italy due to this virus, while 47,021 people are still vulnerable.

So far, 11,397 people have died across the world due to the corona virus, while 2,75,784 people have reported positive. Most people in the grip of this virus are in China right now. There are 81,008 people infected with the corona virus, while 3,255 people have died.

Iran has 19,644 people in the grip of the virus, while 1,433 people have died.

149 people have lost their lives in Iran in the last 24 hours. Speaking of Spain, there are a total of 21,510 patients of Corona and 1,093 people have died. In Spain, 262 people died in the last 24 hours.

Speaking of America, so far 19,563 people have reported positive in Corona and 262 people have died. In the last 24 hours, 55 people have died in this developed country. At the same time, 3,983 people have been affected by the virus in the UK, in which 177 people have died. In the last 24 hours, 33 people have died in the UK due to corona. So far 236 people have been infected with this virus in India, while 4 people have died.

Because of this Corona caused havoc in Italy

Fashion is a major industry in Italy. Italy supplies clothing from China. A large number of Chinese people work in Italy's fashion houses, most of whom are citizens of Wuhan. This is the reason why the corona virus reached Italy from Wuhan and then caused havoc in Italy. The Italian administration's sleep over Corona opened late and when it opened, it had spread rapidly.

Following the outbreak of Corona infection in Italy, the number of suspected patients increased. There was a shortage of doctors. From student studying to doctor to nurse, day and night people started saving patients, but soon the hospitals fell short. The beds in the ICU started falling short and the hospital staff also became victims of corona infection. Italy did not shut down businesses and offices in the greed to save its economy.

There was no restriction on people going to the market and after Stage 6 of Corona came, the government had to enforce a lock-down in whole Italy. In Italy, everything is closed except for the supermarket and pharmacy. Crime in Italy is now declared out without any significant reason.

The police posted on the rumor are sending them to the jail and imposing fines on exit without valid documents. But it was too late to implement strictness in Italy and the condition in Italy is uncontrollable. Now the whole world has got a big lesson from Italy. Now, no other country should become Italy.