Corona virus outbreak continues in America, read full news

Corona virus outbreak continues in America, read full news
Today due to Corona virus, the whole world is not only troubled but is fighting the battle of life and death. At the same time, thousands of people have lost their lives due to this virus.

Every day, one or the other is orphaned, every day millions of people lose their jobs. At the same time, no virus has been able to control this virus and now it is slowly becoming an epidemic. At the same time, the worldwide death toll has exceeded 30000.

According to the information received, the corona virus outbreak continues in America. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has extended the Corona epidemic guidelines in the US till April 30.

With this, the guidelines of social distancing in the US have also been extended to 30 April. . The number of confirmed cases in the US reached 1,39,675 as of Sunday evening. In the US, 2231 people have died from it.

It is also being said that Trump announced in the White House that he had made this decision in the wake of increasing cases in America. Trump said that these are only guidelines, so it is up to the state and local governments to implement them under the US federal system.