Corona virus: record of broken deaths in Italy, 1000 deaths in 1 day

Corona virus: record of broken deaths in Italy, 1000 deaths in 1 day
Corona virus outbreaks continue to increase in Italy. Italy became the hub of the Corona virus, a record of 1000 deaths in a day, a record. The death toll in Italy rose to more than 9000. All 195 countries of the world are vulnerable to coronavirus. More than 5 lakh 40 thousand people are infected. According to AFP, there have been more than three lakh cases of corona recorded in Europe.

On Friday, Corona claimed more than 970 lives in Italy, once again recording a terrible record. The total deaths have been 9,134. According to the Civil Protection Agency, 4,401 new cases were reported on Thursday.

The Doctor Association of Italy reported on Friday evening that so far 45 doctors have also died due to corona infection. In Italy, 712 people died on Thursday, 683 on Wednesday, 743 on Tuesday and 602 on Monday due to the corona virus.

At the same time, 769 people have died in Spain in the last 24 hours only due to Corona virus. This is the highest death toll in Spain in a day. This brings the total death toll in the European country to 9,134. Here 86,498 people have been found corona positive while only 10,950 have been cured. The number of people who died from this dangerous virus has also reached 26,350 worldwide. A total of 5,32,909 people worldwide are infected with corona. Corona is wreaking havoc in Europe after China.

At the same time, America has also left China behind in terms of maximum infection. Corona virus has the highest number of infections here. A total of 93,329 people are corona positive, with 7,894 new cases. 1,384 people have died here. At the same time, Corona has killed 2,378 people in Iran. Here 32,332 people have been found corona positive.