Corona's threat reached Britain's Queen, Assistant's test positive

Corona's threat reached Britain's Queen, Assistant's test positive
A staff at the Buckingham Palace (Royal Aid, royal aide) has reportedly been found to be test positive for the corono virus when Queen Elizabeth II was in her London home. After the report, the Queen has been taken to Windsor Castle indefinitely as a precaution and all her further events have been canceled. However, it has been said in the report that the health of the Queen is correct.

According to UK media reports, it is not known how close the staff in the palace was to the Queen, but all the associates she has come in contact with in the palace have been isolated.

The newspaper wrote in a report, that before the Queen's visit to Windsor Palace, her colleague's corona has been found to be test positive. The palace has a staff of 500 people, so it is believed that people must have been affected at some stage.

The identity of this staff has not been revealed yet and it is believed that he was found infected by the virus early last week. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on these reports but said that all the precautionary measures mentioned in the ongoing consultation in the wake of the Kovid-19 epidemic are being taken.

Earlier this week the Queen issued a statement and asked people to find new ways to keep in touch during the lockdown. The statement said, "Many of us will need to keep in touch with each other and find new ways to ensure that their loved ones are safe. I am sure we will overcome that challenge."

Let me tell you, recently British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken steps to reduce the social harmony to deal with the threat of corona virus. Boris Johnson has announced the closure of cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants, night clubs, theaters, cinemas, gyms, and dining spots. But during this time all necessary services will continue. This decision taken in the direction of social distancing has come into force from the night of 20 March.

In a statement issued, PM Boris Johnson said, "These are places where people come together and in fact the whole purpose of these businesses is to bring people together. But the sad part is that for today at least the physical Form, we need to keep people apart. " He said that people should not get out after the decision is implemented.