Doctors fraud with women at the time of delivery, know this

Doctors fraud with women at the time of delivery, know this
Being a mother is every girl's dream. She considers everything the doctors have said during delivery as a line of stone because she feels it is right for her baby. By the way, every mother wants to have a normal delivery at the time of childbirth. But many times, doctors recommend Caesarean if there is a critical condition.

WHO Report:

According to this report of WHO, at the time of delivery, doctors fraud with the patient and take advantage of them by giving them the assurance of safety. They feel that more time is wasted in making normal delivery, so do a caesarean operation. This is the reason why Caesarean delivery has doubled in the last ten years.

Doctors do fraud:

The WHO report states that doctors use a drug called oxytocin extensively during caesarean delivery. Which is a big tampering of the natural delivery of women. The ill effects of this medicine affect women's health.

After a caesarean delivery, the woman's body becomes more weak and bleeds twice as much as normal delivery. Normal delivery only causes pain, but after delivery from the operation, the woman's body becomes very weak inside which becomes a problem of life.