Famous film maker infected by Corona in jail

March 23, 2020
Famous film maker infected by Corona in jail
The corona virus, which originated from China, has spread to many countries around the world. The death toll from this virus is also increasing continuously. No exact treatment of corona has been found so far, but suggestions are being given to all to avoid it. Along with this, the elderly are being advised to take special care. At the same time, most of the people infected with this virus have traveled somewhere recently, but recently a surprising case has come up about a celebrity. This is Hollywood's famous film maker Harvey Weinstein. He is in jail and this is where the corona virus has hit him.

68-year-old film maker Harvey Weinstein has been found corona positive during a medical examination in jail. New York State Correctional Officer and Police Welfare Association President Michael Power has confirmed Harvey was found to be Corona positive. He has told that as soon as Harvey is confirmed to Corona, he is immediately sent to isolation at the Wendy Correctional Facility.

The official has said that Sunday has come to know about Corona positive in Harvey's test. They are most concerned about the officials because they do not have the right equipment to protect them. At the same time, many people of the staff have also been sent to the quarantine. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Weinstein refused to comment on media news on the subject.

Let us know that Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment on March 11 for the rape and sexual harassment and he is currently in jail in Northern New York Province. Earlier, Weinstein was admitted to the hospital due to heart problems. Along with this, it is being told that they also have problems with diabetes and high blood pressure. In such a situation, if Harvey really needs corona, it can prove very dangerous for him. At the same time, Weinstein's lawyer said on Sunday that his legal team had not been given any information about being corona.