Newborn child infected by corona virus, first case in world

Newborn child infected by corona virus, first case in world
For the first time in the world, corona virus infection has been found in a newborn child. This is a case of corona virus infection in the youngest child. This newborn child of England was infected with the corona virus, while its mother felt that she had pneumonia. When the mother reached the hospital with her newborn baby, during investigation, it was found that the child was infected with Corona virus. Now mother and child are being treated in different hospitals.

According to The Sun's report, a few minutes after the newborn arrived at the hospital, it was found out that he was infected with the corona virus. Now the doctors are finding out that the newborn child became a victim of infection during the birth or he was also infected in the mother's womb.

The child has been kept in the hospital, while the mother has been shifted to a hospital with another specialist infection.

Advice to give breast milk to the child despite infection

Staff who take care of mother and child have also been advised to remain self-isolated. Health department officials are engaged in finding out under which circumstances the infection occurred. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has advised that the child should not be separated from the mother. In case of infection, it is necessary for the child to get his mother's milk. However, on behalf of health department officials, it is being said that the child and mother are at least at risk. The symptoms of the virus are seen in them mildly.

Increased cases of virus infection in England

Corona virus infection appears to be increasing in England. So far 798 people have been affected by its infection. 10 deaths due to illness have also been recorded. In the last 24 hours, there has been a 35 percent increase in virus infection. Any kind of celebrations and congestion has been banned in England. A football match has also been canceled due to Corona virus. There is silence in Britain's states and cities. People are avoiding using public transport. There is fear among people about the virus infection.