Severe storm in America, aircraft crashed on earth, 25 people died

Severe storm in America, aircraft crashed on earth, 25 people died
The severe storm in America has caused a lot of destruction there. This tornado has killed 25 people there. The state of Tennessee has been the worst hit by the US. A large number of people have also been injured by this storm. During the storm, the wind speed was so high that shops broke down and the plane flying in the air also crashed and fell to the earth.

Due to the storm many cars flew into the air and a plane also crashed. As soon as the plane fell on the ground, its children flew away and the occupants of it died. According to the state administration, it is the largest disaster in Tennessee in recent years. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has reported that the city of Nashville has suffered a lot due to this disaster.

An emergency has now been declared in Tennessee.

According to the news agency Effe, emergency workers have found several bodies buried under the debris. The Metropolitan Police said through its Twitter account that about 40 buildings in the city of Nashville have collapsed. There is also a possibility of gas leakage here.

Putnam County Sheriff's Office said the storm originally knocked between Cookeville and Baxter cities, where many homes were destroyed. Tema said more than 73,000 homes and buildings in Davidson, Wilson, Putnam and Jackson counties were stalled due to the storm. Apart from this, roadways, bridges and electric poles have been damaged.

Given these circumstances, Governor Lee of Tennessee has declared a state of emergency in the state and has said to open 4 refugee centers. The governor also visited the affected areas.

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he would visit the state to learn about the damage caused by the storm. State officials have urged the public to stay indoors during the assessment of the damage. Apart from this, non-essential public buildings and many schools in the area have also been closed.

However the area's main Nashville International Airport is operational and John C. Tune Airport in Western Nashville has said that there has been a lot of damage. Nashville Mayor John Cooper said the injured have been sent to the hospital. According to local media, about 150 people have been admitted to the hospital. There are primary elections in Tennessee on Tuesday, with many of the counting sites affected by the storm. These booths will now be shifted to other places so that people can vote. According to the AcuWeather web site, the tornado season has increased abnormally in the US this year.