Spain's Deputy Prime Minister also infected with Corona

Spain's Deputy Prime Minister also infected with Corona
Spain's Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo was found infected with coronavirus on Wednesday night. According to reports, Calvo's health was poor for four days. She was doing government work in Isolation from home. Her first report on Wednesday night came positive.

The Spanish government has ordered all of Calvo's staff and others who have come in contact with them to go to Quarantine. A medical board will supervise all these. A total of 47,610 cases were reported in Spain as of Wednesday night. 3,434 infected have died.

In Spain, deaths due to coronavirus infection have exceeded China. In Spain, 738 people died in the last 24 hours, after which the number of dead has increased to 3,434, while 47,610 people are infected. The lockdown has been continuing for 11 days to stop the rapidly spreading coronavirus in Spain.

On the other hand, after the death of 143 more people in Iran, the number of dead has increased to 2,077. Iran is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus. Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said, "Our comrades have received information about 2,206 people being infected with Coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with the number of people infected in the country has increased to 27,017".

Death toll in the world crosses 19000

The number of people who died of coronavirus worldwide has increased to 19,246. According to AFP calculations based on information received from official sources, 427,940 cases were reported in 181 countries after the first case of the virus was reported in China in December. In Italy, 6,820 people have died from this virus and 69,176 people have been infected and 8,326 people have been cured. The death toll in Spain has exceeded that of China. In Spain, it has killed 3,434 people and infected 47,610 people.

Coronavirus has killed 3,281 people in China and 81,218 cases. Other countries affected by the Coronavirus are Iran where 2,077 people died and 27,017 were infected. In France, 1,100 people died of the virus and 22,302 cases were reported. It killed 600 people in the United States, while 55,225 cases of the virus have been reported. By Tuesday, the first deaths from the coronavirus occurred in Cameroon and Niger, while the first cases of the virus have been reported in Libya, Laos, and Dominica.

According to an AFP report received from Bamako, the West African country Mali on Wednesday announced the first two cases of the coronavirus. At the same time, according to the news received from Tripoli, the first case of infection with this virus has also been reported in the North African country of Libya. There have been 2,26,340 cases of the virus in Europe while 12,719 people have died. Its 99,805 cases were reported in Asia and 3,593 people have died.