This airplane disappeared in the sky with 239 people, no clue yet

This airplane disappeared in the sky with 239 people, no clue yet
Often some incidents happen in the world that are unbelievable and start thinking about them. Something similar happened six years ago in 2014 with a Malaysia Airlines plane MH-370 which flew 239 people from the capital Kuala Lumpur to the Chinese capital Beijing but it disappeared somewhere in the sky. No clue has been found till date. It was the day of March 8, 2014. Shortly after the plane took off, he lost contact with the traffic control center. After this, many things happened about the disappearance of the aircraft, but nothing was known about it.

It was first estimated that the aircraft might have been hijacked by the terrorists, but then later no such signs were found.

After this, it was again believed that the plane may have crashed somewhere. A search operation started again regarding this. The aircraft continued to be searched for several months and in many countries, but nothing happened.

It is said that more than one lakh square kilometers were searched for the aircraft, but nothing of the ship was found. This was the longest expedition in history to find an aircraft. Crores of rupees were spent in this. Many countries also helped Malaysia in this search operation. Even after this, the MH-370 could not be found.

According to the information, a total of 239 people were on board the aircraft, which included 227 passengers as well as 12 crew members. The highest number of passengers were from China, followed by Malaysia. It is said that the last time the aircraft was found flying over the Indian Ocean, but after that it suddenly got out of the radar. After this, nobody got to know anything about it. The plane's search operation was also officially stopped in January 2017, exhausted after disappointment from all sides.

The pilot of this aircraft was Zahari Ahmed Shah. Recently, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott surprised everyone, claiming that high Malaysian officials believe that the MH-370 flight was deliberately sunk by its captain. He claimed that the captain was suicidal, killing all the people aboard the plane. However, he did not present any evidence related to his claim. In this way, his claim is also considered to be just a guess. The disappearance of this plane still remains an unsolved riddle.