Trump gave a statement to visit India in the US rally

March 01, 2020
Trump gave a statement to visit India in the US rally
US President Donald Trump, who recently visited India, is unable to forget the hosting of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At a US rally on Saturday, he said that only 15,000 people have gathered here, whereas more than one lakh people had come to welcome India.

At a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, President Trump said, "I am hesitant to say that there were so many people in the 129,000-seat stadium in India." Did you guys see The whole place was full.

Around one lakh people came there. It was a cricket stadium and was three times bigger than here.

Praising Prime Minister Modi, he said, he (PM Modi) is a great man whom the people of India love. On the number of people present in the rally, he said, there is a good crowd and I like to talk about the crowd because a large number of people come for me. Only 15 thousand people have gathered at this place of 50 to 60 thousand people. Trump said, there (India) has a population of 1.25 billion people and 35 crore people live here. I want to say that I like the crowd present here and the people there too.