US President Donald Trump made this big announcement in view of the corona virus

US President Donald Trump made this big announcement in view of the corona virus
US President Donald Trump has announced the National Emergency in view of the danger of corona virus. The Trump administration has resorted to unprecedented economic and scientific methods to deal with this dangerous situation.

It is being told that the trump going to contest in the next few months has taken this step to present a better image among the public. He does not want to show any kind of carelessness.

Trump said that his move would prevent corona virus. To fight this, you will get a fund of 50 billion dollars. Trump said that central, regional and local agencies of the United States will use this fund to fight infection.

So far, about 40 people have died of corona virus in America.

Big package of 37 trillion rupees

According to the US President, National Emergency is a big step. With this, the US government will be able to use its full power to fight this disease. This move of Trump has opened the coffers of the US administration. After the implementation of the National Emergency, the Trump administration will be able to use $ 50 billion, that is, about 37 trillion rupees.

Emergency operation center will be operational

Trump asked the US states to start running the Emergency Operation Center effectively in their respective areas. Trump said that his government's goal is to prevent infection of the disease completely. Better treatment should be given to the victims so that they can get well soon. President Trump said that he will have to make some changes in the coming days. He said that the next eight weeks are difficult.

Illness will be detected in an hour

According to a report, Trump administration is developing such technology. He has announced to pay 1.3 million dollars, which is developing a test that will know whether an individual is suffering from corona in just an hour.