Will the corona virus end once the summer season arrives?

Will the corona virus end once the summer season arrives?
Coronavirus, which originated from the city of Wuhan in China, is spreading its footprint worldwide. The virus, which has caused more than 3000 deaths so far, has also knocked in India. 30 people have been infected in the country so far. There is no cure for coronavirus so far and prevention is the only remedy. That is why people are being appealed to take precautions. In addition to many leaders, including US President Donald Trump, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock, health experts have hoped for the end of the coronavirus when the summer season arrives.

Let us know why it is being said:

One reason for its spread is that a large number of people live in one place in the cold, due to which, if any person is caught by the virus, then it starts spreading on a large scale.

It spreads more quickly, especially when coughing or sneezing. Actually, cold, cough, cold are common in winter. In such a situation, the virus spreads easily. Experts point out that cold weather or low temperatures are favorable for the spread of COVID-19.

Often we see that the seasonal flu and cold virus spread extensively in the winter season and as the summer season comes, the virus is eradicated on its own. According to Elizabeth McGraw, director of the Pennsylvania State University's Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, corona is a winter-associated virus that spreads more in low temperatures.

According to Vikas Maurya, director of Fortis Hospital's Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders and other health experts, the spread of coronavirus in summer will be halted. In areas where the temperature was low or there was a cold weather, the effect of coronavirus was observed. Scientists have been claiming for a long time that the disease will decrease as soon as the heat comes and the coronavirus will end when the heat increases.

According to Vikas Maurya, coronovirus is an infectious coming from a wild animal, which occurs in winter and is associated with breathlessness. We have a viral infection at least twice a year. The difference is that this strain of coronavirus is a resistant strain. He has expressed hope that this strain will decrease by summer.

According to scientists, the size of this virus is 400 to 500 micrometers. The corona virus can survive for up to 12 hours on a metal surface. On the fabric or fabric, it can remain alive for 9 hours, while on the body of a person cannot remain alive for more than 10 minutes. Doctors are advising to maintain body temperature and maintain immunity of the body.