5 things to know about the gospel group at the center of Clark Sisters: The Lifetime Movie

5 things to know about the gospel group at the center of Clark Sisters: The Lifetime Movie
The new lifetime film Ark the Clark Sisters: First Lady of Gospel 'premiered on 11 April. Clark Sisters is one of the largest evangelical groups ever and HL has rounded up 5 key things you need to know.

Clark Sisters: The first women of the Gospel All-Female Gospel Group and their mother Matty Moss are telling the incredible true story of Clark. Lifetime Movie, April 11 at 8 pm. ET, Christina Bell as Twinkie, Kiara Sheared as Karen, Shailja Frazier as Dorinda, Raven Goodwin as Dennis, Angela Birkhet as Jackie and Anjini Ellis as Mattie. So, who are the Clark sisters? HollywoodLife takes down memory lane before the authorized musical story about this group air

1. The Clark sisters initially consisted of 5 sisters. The group debuted with Jackie Clarke Chisholm, Dennis Clarke Bradford, Albernita "Twinkie" Clarke-Terrell, Dorinda Clarke-Cole and Karen Clarke Sheard. Clark Sisters rose to fame in the 1980s and is known for helping to bring gospel music into the mainstream. His debut album, Jesus Hat to Give, was released in 1973. His most popular songs are "Is My Living in Vain", "Halilujah", "Have Me Nothing to Lose", "Endo Me", "Jesus Is a." Love Song ”, and more. The group has won Grammy Awards, including Best Gospel Performance and Best Traditional Gospel Album. They are the best-selling female evangelical group in history.

2. Actors have a family relationship in a lifetime movie. Kiara Sheerd, who plays Karen, is playing her mother in The Clark Sisters: First Lady of the Gospel. Kiara is a gospel recording artist following in her mother's footsteps.

3. There has been some family drama over the years. The sisters have all explored solo careers, but Denise left the group in 1986. The group forged ahead with only 4 members after Denis left and released several albums.

4. The group recently released a new album. This return was released in March 2020. Snoop Dogg is featured in the track "His Love". It was The Clark Sisters' first album since the release of A Clark Family Christmas in 2009.

5. Clark Sisters performed remarkably at the funeral of Aretha Franklin. Clarke Sisters made a powerful rendition of "Is My Living in Vain" at the 2018 service. Aretha and the group previously performed together in the 2008 Grammar. In 1994 also, Aarti sang at her mother's funeral.