56 years ago this woman discovered Coronavirus

56 years ago this woman discovered Coronavirus
So far, more than 1.65 lakh people have died due to corona virus. More than 2.4 million people are ill. Some scientists say that it came from bats into humans. Whereas, some people are saying that it is made in the laboratory. But do you know who discovered the corona virus first among humans? How was the virus detected? Let's know the story of the scientist who first discovered the corona virus.

This was in 1964, 56 years ago. A female scientist was looking into her electronic microscope. Then she saw a virus that was round in shape and had thorns all around it. Like the corona of the sun. After this the virus was named Corona virus. The woman who traced it was named Dr. June is Alameda.

Born into an ordinary family, left school at the age of 16

At the time Dr. June Alameda discovered the corona virus, at the time she was 34 years old. In June 1930, she was born into a very simple family living in a settlement in the north-east of the city of Glasgow, Scotland. Almeida's father was a bus driver. June Alameda had to leave school at the age of 16 due to the poor economic condition of the house.

Became lab technician at an early age

At the age of 16, she got a job as a lab technician at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Slowly the mind started working. Then made it her career. After a few months, she moved to London to earn more money and started working as a lab technician at St Bartholomews Hospital.

Designation of electron microscopy technician in Canada

In the year 1954, she married Venezuelan artist Enrique Almeida. After this both of them moved to Canada. Subsequently, June Almeida received the top rank from Lab Technician at the Ontario Cancer Institute in the City of Toronto. She was made an electron microscopy technician. The importance of her work was understood in Britain. In 1964, St. Thomas Medical School in London offered him a job.

After coming to London, Drs. June Alameda gave Dr. Started research with David Tyrell. In those days, Drs. Tyrell and her team were researching common cold and cold in the Salisbury area of ​​Wiltshire, UK. Dr. Tyrell collected flu-like virus samples called B-814 from people suffering from colds and colds. But in the laboratory, she had great difficulty in farming.

First paper rejected

Disturbed dr. Tyrell sent these samples to Alameda for testing. Almeida captured the virus with an electronic microscope. Not only this, she also told that we have got two similar viruses. First in chicken brochitis and second in rat liver. She also wrote a research paper, but was rejected. Other scientists said the photos are extremely blurred.

Dr. First photo of corona virus discovered by June Almeida.

However, Drs. Alameda and Drs. Tyrell knew they were working with a species of virus. Then, one day, Almeida discovers the corona virus. Prickly and round like the corona of the sun. That day the virus was named Corona virus. This was in the year 1964. It was said at the time that this virus resembles influenza, but it is not, but is somewhat different from it.

Became Yoga teacher in 1985, married second

By 1985, Drs. June Almeida was very active. Helped scientists from all over the world. Started working on antics Meanwhile, she married Philip Gardner a second time retired virologist. Dr. June Almeida died in 2007 at the age of 77. But before that she worked as a consultant scientist at St. Thomas. It was she who helped create the first high-quality image of the HIV virus, which led to a serious illness such as AIDS. Now 13 years after her death, her research is helping to understand the corona virus infection worldwide.

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