60 dead bodies found in two roadside trucks in America

60 dead bodies found in two roadside trucks in America
60 dead bodies found in two roadside trucks in America

Washington: A shocking case has emerged in the US most affected by the corona infection. Police found the bodies of about 60 people in two trucks on Utica Avenue in Flatland, Brooklyn, New York. People of the neighborhood said that these trucks were standing here for many days and now they started to smell. After the smell, people called the police and told them. Currently, the police have not revealed the cause of the deaths, but suspicion of corona infection (covid-19) is also being expressed.

Police said 60 bodies were recovered from two trucks. These two were not refrigerated trucks, so the corpses started rotting.

Both of these trucks were parked outside the Andrew Clackley Funeral Service. Suspect of being infected with dead bodies laden on the truck caused uproar in the area. The owner of the shop near the truck told that we started smelling from yesterday but when we saw that blood was also dripping from the truck, I called the police.

People said - this is an insult to humanity

John Depatro, who lives in the area, told Mirror UK that he should at least honor the dead, whoever did so is shameful. My father or brother could replace him. Police have found that these bodies were to be taken to the crematorium, but were left outside the funeral home. According to the police, a third truck was also found near these two trucks, in which the coffin was kept for burial. However, contrary to this claim, some videos have also surfaced in which people are passing through these trucks with handkerchiefs on their mouths. Also, when police arrived, the bodies were present in the truck itself. People have also said that these trucks have been standing here for a week and they stink. The man who called the police said that due to the presence of a funeral home, the bodies were predicted but the way the blood was dripping from the truck, it seemed that the bodies were not even placed in body bags .

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