A month later Russia's situation worsened after confession with Corona

The Russian leader, who did not take coronovirus very seriously for about a month, is now accepting the truth. After the US and European countries, coronavirus has also started spreading rapidly in Russia. So far, 15,770 cases of corona have been reported in the country. 130 people have lost their lives. There were 2186 new cases on Sunday, the highest on the day. The situation in the capital city of Moscow is now becoming very troublesome.

In Moscow, the total infectious population has crossed 8 thousand. Only two-thirds of the country's cases have occurred in the capital. Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin, who has often moved forward in times of crisis, has moved into his second home outside the capital Moscow.

He along with Corona have the responsibility of handling Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Moscow Mayor Sarzai Sobyanin. According to the country's capital, Mayor of Moscow, Sarajai Sobyanin, the virus is now gaining momentum here as well. The deputy mayor of Moscow, Anastasia Rakova, said that the number of infected people in the capital was increasing at twice as fast. About half of these people are under 45 years of age. According to Moscow Deputy Mayor Rakova, the capital hospital is completely full of patients. There are 200 infected patients at the main hospital in Sikkikar, the capital of the Komi oil producing region in the northeast of Moscow. While more than a thousand infected people are being treated at the hospital in Ufa, 700 miles east of Moscow.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Friday that the country's health services were being affected due to lack of supplies. While President Putin has sent large quantities of medical supplies to help other countries. Authorities have imposed restrictions due to the rapid increase in the number of infected in Moscow. Residents were ordered to stay in the house last week. Now people will be able to leave their homes only for food, medicine and dogs. The police are also roaming the city and are appealing to people to stay home.

Anastasia Vasiliyeva, the head of the doctor's union, accused the government of reducing the figures by calling Corona cases pneumonia. Anastasia was then arrested last week. A letter from the directors of the Moscow hospital was leaked online, making it clear that the figures of people infected in Russia are incorrect. The letter was signed by Alexei Khripun, head of the Moscow Health Department. However, the Health Minister made it clear during an interview that patients with pneumonia in the country will also be treated like patients with coronary virus.