A new form of coronavirus has emerged in China

A new form of coronavirus has emerged in China
A new form of coronavirus has emerged in China, which is a alarm bell for the whole world.

Worldwide reports on the corona virus suggest that China has played a big game. China is not as clear on the corona virus as it expresses and states, but it is not that China is not getting punished. There is also new news that Corona Part Two has started in China and Corona Part Two has raised panic in China. It was a celebration of the end of the lockout in China that the horrors of Corona began to be heard again in Hubei Province.

Whether or not China has spread the corona virus in the world is a question, but it is true that the corona virus has fallen behind China. Corona's terror is heard again in China.

The big news from China is that 100 new cases of corona virus have been reported in China in one day. Of these 100 patients, 63 have been confirmed in which the infection was confirmed but the symptoms of corona were not seen and it has now become a cause of great concern to the whole world. A new form of corona virus has emerged in China

This time the corona virus is hiding its symptoms. A person is not getting cold, neither cough, cold, fever nor person is vulnerable to corona. Not only China, but also South Korea, where it is said that this country has completely controlled the corona, here too patients are getting corona infection, which is reported two or more times. Negatives have arrived and similar cases are now coming to Japan, and this information about the corona virus is truly frightening.

That is why we are repeatedly urging you to understand the seriousness. Do not take corona virus lightly. We will be able to break the Corona virus chain only when we follow the rules of lockdown properly. Laxman will not cross the line and only then will we be able to beat Corona together.

America will not do research on bats

Even after such a furore, China did not say today that it will no longer research bats but the US has decided. In the US, the Trump government has issued instructions to all scientists not to research bats or other animals during the 'corona'. Scientists associated with the research were informed through e-mail. The US government told all concerned scientists that such a project could allow the virus to reach humans from animals and efforts could be made to minimize the effects of the virus. Things may get worse in America.