A record 4,591 Americans died in the last 24 hours from Corona

A record 4,591 Americans died in the last 24 hours from Corona
In the US, the corona virus is taking a dangerous form. In the past 24 hours 4591 Americans have died due to an outbreak of Corona. According to Johns Hopkins University data, 4,591 Americans lost their lives Wednesday night from 8 a.m. to Thursday night. Earlier, 2569 Americans had died in a single day.

The disease, born in Wuhan, China in December last year, killed more than 144,000 people and has infected more than 2.1 million people worldwide. In the US, the virus has infected more than 671,000 people and killed more than 33,000 people.

America has the highest number of deaths in the world.

New York City and its surrounding areas, including New Jersey and Connecticut, are the epicenter of the virus in the United States. In New York alone, there have been 226,000 cases of infection and 16,106 deaths. In New Jersey, 3,518 people have died of the disease and coronas have been confirmed in 75,317 people.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as of April 14, four percent of those infected with COVID-19 were of Asian descent and approximately one-third (30 percent) were African American. US President Donald Trump said experts and scientists report that his strategy to slow the spread of the virus has saved thousands of lives.

Donald Trump said that 1.5 to 2.2 million American deaths were predicted due to Corona. If there is no strategy, it can be more than this and due to our strategy the death toll will be from 1 to 2.40 lakh. It seems that we will fall below these lowest numbers.

US President Donald Trump said that no new cases have been filed in more than 850 counties or about 30 percent of the country's cases in the past seven days. According to Trump, more than 3.5 million Americans have been corona tested so far.

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