Amidst Corona's havoc in the US, Trump instructed to end the lockdown

Amidst Corona's havoc in the US, Trump instructed to end the lockdown
US President Donald Trump has introduced a new phased plan to reopen the country's economy hit by the Corona virus global epidemic. They allowed the governors to decide about lifting the ban in their respective states. More than 95 percent of the American population is currently locked up in their homes and more than 22 million Americans have applied for unemployment allowances. More than 6,40,000 Americans were hit by the corona virus in the United States and more than 31,000 people lost their lives.

Trump told reporters that his administration is issuing new federal guidelines. With which the Governor will be able to decide on the reopening of their states in a phased manner. He said that prolonged lockout amidst economic pressures would have a profound impact on public health. He said that if the ground conditions are good then healthy Americans will be able to return to work. "Instead of shutting down altogether, we will focus on isolating high-risk people," he said. "If some scientists believe this virus returns, these guidelines ensure that the country keeps moving forward so that we can come out of it soon."

These guidelines have been made by the top medical experts of the government and are based on confirmed facts. These guidelines have empowered the governors to reopen the economy in a phased manner to deal with the situation in their respective states. The guidelines contain clear criteria for states to meet new cases, investigations and hospital resources. Guidelines for the first phase recommend that if the number of flu-like symptoms and corona virus cases decrease for 14 days, the state can stay at home and remove other restrictions.

The second phase involves sheltering sensitive people in one place, motivating them to work from homes and keeping public places closed to the virus. A member of the White House Task Force on the Corona Virus, Drs. Deborah Brix said the third step is to maintain cleanliness and restore normalcy. These rules of hygiene include keeping distance between people as issues of spreading this infectious disease to people without symptoms still persist.

At the White House press conference, Trump said, "We have the largest economy in the history of the world." We closed it to win this war and now we are in favor of winning it. Our vision is to open up the economy in three stages. We are not opening everything at once, but taking one careful step at a time and some states will be able to open faster than others.

He said that after the worst phase of corona virus has passed in the country, people are starting their lives again. "Our strategy will be to protect seniors and sensitive populations," Trump said.

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