Angry trump threatens this, tensions rise between US President and Senate

Angry trump threatens this, tensions rise between US President and Senate
On one hand, the corona virus has caused havoc in the US. On the other hand, the dispute between the US Senate and President Donald Trump has increased. Trump on Wednesday threatened that if the recruitment of candidates for vacant seats in the Senate is not approved, it could hamper the smooth functioning of the administration.

Indeed, the Senate does not agree to recruit some key administrative officials, upsetting Trump. He said during the press conference on Wednesday that if I am not allowed to fill these spaces soon, I can use my powers for appointments on these vacancies during the holiday.

The US President said that, due to bias, the appointment of 129 candidates is stuck in the Senate. Who had to fill in to meet economic challenges during the Corona virus crisis. But the Senate is not verifying the candidates, in such a situation the country may face the havoc of Corona for a long time. He has accused the Senate of bias.

He said these vacancies include important positions such as Director of National Intelligence, member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for the United States Financial Markets.

Citing the constitution, Trump said that the constitution states that the president has the right to fill positions in such circumstances through reappointment and if the Senate does not allow appointments to these positions at the earliest, I will fill these posts using power.

Trump said the Senate should either fulfill its duty and vote on its candidates, or formally adjourn so that "I can make appointments".

Let us tell you that Corona virus has caused havoc in America. The number of corona infections in the US has crossed 6 lakh 44 thousand. So far, more than 28 thousand deaths in America. More than 52,300 people have been recovered.

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