Another horrific symptom of corona has been revealed, doctors said the virus also attacks

Another horrific symptom of corona has been revealed, doctors said the virus also attacks
The corona virus has shocked the whole world. Even the world's biggest scientists are failing to make medicine for this incurable disease. Meanwhile, another shocking news has emerged. Until now, symptoms of the corona virus, which you were aware of, were prominent in cough, fever, fatigue, flu, cold. But now doctors in Europe have seen new symptoms of corona virus in patients for treatment of corona. Finding new symptoms has always been a difficult task. But this time, European doctors have done so.

Small wounds found in infected patient's feet

In addition to these common symptoms of corona, doctors said that the person with the corona virus has more or less sniffing ability.

But the symptom being told this time is even more frightening. In Europe, doctors have found a small wound in the legs of the patients being treated. Doctors say that most of the patients admitted in the hospital have small lesions in their legs.

Small red or pink colored lesions appear on the toes, middle, or soles of the feet of virus-infected patients. These wounds disappear on their own as soon as the patient is cured. Currently, it requires no separate treatment.

These symptoms appear -

On the other hand, Spanish doctors say that this is a major sign of the corona virus. It can be considered a major symptom just before the onset of the disease. Doctors say that if small red or pink sores start appearing in the first leg, then it should be understood that the corona virus is about to attack. Soon after, all those symptoms will begin to appear on the corona virus infection.

Doctors in Europe say that we want the whole world to know about this symptom. So that doctors around the world are not limited to cough, fever and respiratory problems. According to doctors, these symptoms are seen in most patients in Europe. The patients who showed this symptom were all completely corona infected.

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