Another major danger hovering on earth, a big hole became in the ozone layer, can cause damage

Another major danger hovering on earth, a big hole became in the ozone layer, can cause damage
Some information was giving comfort to the people amidst the bad news related to Corona virus. These included information such as the occurrence of air pollution, clearing of rivers and the recovery of the ozone layer over Antarctica. It has now been reported that there has been a huge hole in the ozone layer above the Arctic at the north pole. Scientists say that this hole is about 1 million square kilometers. Yet it is much smaller than the hole in Antarctica, which spreads from two to two and a half million square km in three-four months.

Holes formed over Arctic due to more cold

The change in the atmosphere is also the reason for this new hole built over the Arctic.
At this time, the weather at the North Pole is unexpectedly colder than previous years. Ozone decreases during winter in both poles. This is much less on the Arctic than in Antarctica. This hole is made up of very low temperatures at the poles, sunlight, very large air vortices and chlorofluorocarbon materials.

The North Pole is generally not as cold as Antarctica. This year there was a lot of cold and a polar vortex formed on the stratosphere. As soon as the sunlight reached the cold weather, ozone started to fade. Nevertheless, its volume was much less than the South Pole.

There has been a huge drop in the amount of ozone

Based on the data of the Copernicus Sentiel-5P satellite, scientists found that there has been a huge decline in the amount of ozone over the Arctic region. Due to this there has been a big hole in the ozone layer. Large amounts of ozone are found at the bottom of the stratosphere layer of the Earth's atmosphere. This is called the ozone layer.

This layer prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun on the surface of the Earth, which can cause many problems regarding life on Earth. Whenever there is a hole in the ozone layer, it means the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica. Here the amount of ozone has reduced due to pollution, due to which ultraviolet rays come directly on the surface of the earth.

Scientists have been seeing very small holes

Even earlier scientists have seen such very small holes above the Arctic region. This year it is looking much bigger than before. At the same time, the ozone hole over Antarctica has improved significantly for the last one or two years. This year, due to the ongoing lockdown due to Corona virus, the entire functioning of this hole in the ozone layer was disturbed, which also made a difference.

Scientists believe that the improvement in the ozone hole over the past few years has been possible due to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol in force since 1987, which banned the emission of chlorofluorocarbons worldwide. This study has been done with the tropomy equipment of the Copernicus Sentiel-5P satellite, which examines the amount of different gases in the atmosphere. It is proving to be an important tool for monitoring in the environment.

This will harm human, animal and crops

The hole in the ozone layer is a matter of public concern. This will increase the heat in the Arctic region and increase the speed of melting of ice here. At the same time, due to UV raz directly on the surface of the earth, cases of serious diseases like skin cancer can increase in people. Another fatal form of skin cancer can be an increase in cases of melanoma.

According to one study, a 10 percent increase in UVB radiation increases melanoma by 19 percent in men and 16 percent in women. Studies done in Punta Arenas, Chile show that melanoma increased by 56 percent and non-melanoma skin cancer by 46 percent, with a decrease in ozone and an increase in UVB levels. Complaints of eye cataracts may increase in people. Increase in UV radiation can affect crops.