BIG BREAKING: Bad times begin for China, Britain and France too tough after America

BIG BREAKING: Bad times begin for China, Britain and France too tough after America
The IMF and World Bank may say that the days ahead of China are good, but according to the conditions that are happening, China's good times have passed, now the bad times are about to begin. Till now America was raising questions about Corona virus from China, now France and Britain have also come with it. It is also being said that Russia has acted indifferently with China. Everyone is questioning China where Corona came from. Why information about the corona outbreak was hidden. Corona is a virus that spreads from one man to another - why was hiding such a serious thing. Britain also formed the Cobra Committee for accurate information about the corona virus.
This Cobra Committee has described the Corona virus as a major conspiracy against the world.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab even went on to say that the tragedy could have an impact on relations with China. He has said that Britain will demand a deeper investigation into the cause of the outbreak and would also like to know why there was no attempt to stop it earlier. In the absence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Rab made this response after telephone talks to G-7 countries.

When Rabab was asked if the corona outcome could affect relations with China, he said, "We have to look at every aspect of it and do it in a balanced way." He said, 'But there is no doubt that after this crisis, business will not be done in a normal way. We have to ask the tough question, how did this happen and why was it not stopped earlier? He made it clear that the WHO and other international organizations will work together to find out how the epidemic spreads and what can be done to prevent it.

There is also a demand for the Conservative Party of Britain to consider relations with China. Former Tory leader William Hague said the UK needed to be tough on issues such as the presence of Chinese company Huawei in the 5G telecommunications network so as not to increase dependence on China. Rab then stated that there was cooperation in bringing back medical products from British citizens and China. He clearly said that until the answers to these questions are found, it cannot be taken forward.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron questioned China's attitude to combat the Corona virus. He said that it would be naive to assume that China dealt with this crisis well. He said that things happened that no one knows about. Earlier, the Chinese ambassador to France was summoned to Paris and objected to an article published on the Chinese embassy website. In this article European countries were accused of leaving the elderly to die in care homes in these countries. The summoned ambassador later dismissed the article for misrepresentation of the article.

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