Britain's PM Boris Johnson returns as winner after defeating Coronavirus

Britain's PM Boris Johnson returns as winner after defeating Coronavirus
On 23 March, a lockdown due to coronavirus was announced in Britain. Every day the death toll in Britain was increasing due to the Corona epidemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Corona was in trouble. But on 26 March, the news came to the headlines that the UK PM Boris Johnson's Kovid 19 test report came back positive. Johnson then went into self-isolation. From the Prime Minister's Office at 10 Downing Street, Corona was commanding the nation in dealing with the crisis. According to a report by The Garden, on April 2, he will meet reporters at lunch.
At that time, there are mild signs of Kovid 19 within them. But the temperature rises. At the time, no one had any idea that Johnson was going to get into a major problem. The symptoms he had within him were very common. Although the tremor of the body could be felt. But after the medical examination, there was an expectation that the next day he might come out of self-isolation.

On April 2 at 8 PM, Boris Johnson cheers for the NHS by clapping. On 3 April, by releasing a video, the people of the country appeal to stay home on weekends. They also state that they still have temperatures and this is the eighth day of their separation. Despite this, Boris Johnson continues to do government work in self-isolation. However, on Saturday 4 April, his condition worsened. They start having difficulty in breathing. After which he is admitted to St. Thomas Hospital on Sunday evening at 5 pm. Johnson has to immediately supply oxygen, which Dr. Pulmonary Department clinical director at the hospital, Dr. Richard Leach has described this as a precautionary step. Foreign Minister Dominic Rab told press conference that Boris Johnson's condition is stable. But Boris struggles with breathing at that time. Dominic Rabb is asked when he last spoke to the PM, so his answer is - on Saturday. It seemed as if the government was trying to hide something. On Monday, Johnson had to shift to the ICU as conditions worsened, leading to complete silence in Downing Street.

Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb has been given the responsibility of the functioning of PM Boris Johnson at 8.10 pm. He is told that this is the decision of PM Johnson. Johnson's condition is critical. A round of blessings and best wishes for Johnson's health begins around the world.

Sources in the hospital reveal that Johnson's condition had become very critical while being taken to the ICU and the condition was ending. Despite this, Johnson was not placed on a ventilator. While releasing the health bulletin of the Prime Minister, only two things were reported that his condition is stable and he is being monitored. On 8 April, news of Johnson's health improvement comes. It becomes clear that Johnson did not need a ventilator. In the press conference, Chancellor Rishi Sanak says that today the Prime Minister arose and looked positive. Johnson was transferred to the General Ward after spending 3 days in the ICU.

On Sunday, Boris Johnson is discharged from the hospital because he wants to go home on Easter weekend. After returning home from the hospital, Boris paid a letter to the hospital via a video message saying that he could not express his debt in words. In addition, he wholeheartedly thanked the two nurses for intensive care for 48 hours in the ICU.

Now, even though Johnson's opponents have accused him of failure to deal with the Corona epidemic, Johnson has emerged as a winner who has set off all criticism. Johnson looked like a winner who looked energetic, while patients returning home from ICU were severely fractured and suffering from other problems.

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