British intelligence agency warns China to end lockout

British intelligence agency warns China to end lockout
Amidst the outbreak of the Corona virus, China has begun loosening harsh measures such as lockdown. The 76-day lockout in Wuhan has ended completely. Experts have expressed concern over this reckless style of China.

At the same time, Britain's intelligence agency has warned China of the consequences of removing the lockdown. This warning comes at a time when Russia's northeast of Heilongjiang province has become a hotspot of Corona.

Significantly, there has been a rapid increase in cases of infection here.

So far 194 cases have been registered. Most of the infected patients are those who have crossed the border in recent times.

Britain's spy agency MI6 alerted China that an increase in cases of infections coming from outside could start the second chapter of COVID-19 and bring it back to its old state. Earlier, MI6 had informed British ministers that China had underestimated the figures for corona cases and deaths in January and February. Similar information was also given by the CIA to the White House.

Meanwhile, the UK domestic intelligence agency MI5 said it felt the UK needed to evaluate its relationship with China after the Corona virus crisis. Significantly, China has recently lifted the lockdown completely from Corona's center Wuhan. Thousands of people traveled on public roads after the lockout. While local authorities were constantly being advised to avoid people from going out of the city.

China feels that the situation is normalizing, so strict measures can bring comfort. Whereas after the latest case came to light, his decision is now being questioned. The government is now also asking people to strengthen defensive measures and avoid going to the crowd.