careful! Corona returning to patients again after recovery

careful! Corona returning to patients again after recovery
The world is currently fighting the corona virus. Till now there is no vaccine for this disease and most of the problems are being faced. But even more disturbing news is coming out of South Korea, where Corona has been recaptured by recuperating patients.

According to the information received, South Korea was discharged from the hospital after the corona infection patients recovered, but still the patient is suffering from covid-19 infection again. On Friday, 91 such patients were found who, once fully recovered, were again found to be corona positive. Doctors are also very upset by this tendency of Corona.

It is being told that in this way patients are again being found to be corona positive and their number may increase in the coming days. Doctors in South Korea say, "Even though the patient has not been infected with second-rate Dobora, the virus already present in their body is reactivated." Doctors are making different arguments about the finding of corona again in patients, but none are able to come up with a convincing reason.

Explain that so far 211 people have died due to Corona virus in South Korea. 27 new cases were reported on Friday. So far 10,450 cases of corona have been reported here. An outbreak of the corona virus had started at a religious event in South Korea. Subsequently, orders were collected to collect the identity and personal information of the 2.12 lakh people who attended the ceremony. Subsequently, each person was medically tested.

The government of South Korea immediately closed all churches to prevent the spread of infection. In addition, all protests and Buddhist programs in the country were canceled. Not only this, South Korea banned mask exports. The country raised its four-tier virus alert to the highest level of 'red'.