China lied on Corona, now there are more than 1200 deaths in Wuhan

China lied on Corona, now there are more than 1200 deaths in Wuhan
Many countries of the world were speculating about the corona virus epidemic, eventually it came true. The US has accused China of hiding deaths from the Corona virus several times. Meanwhile, today China has corrected the death toll in Wuhan after several days, after which the total number has almost doubled.

As of Friday, 4632 deaths in China were caused by the corona virus, according to data released by China.

While earlier this figure was much lower, China suddenly reported 1290 deaths to the world.

The data was released by Wuhan on 16 April, of which the total number of cases was 50333, while the number of deaths was 3869. After which now by April 17 this figure has crossed 4600 deaths across the country.

It was said by the Wuhan administration that this data was accidentally dropped, which is now being released. Significantly, many countries including the US accused China of hiding the correct figures of corona virus.

If we talk about the whole of China, then the total cases of corona virus have exceeded 82 thousand, while the death toll in the whole country is over 4600.

Donald Trump is constantly accusing China that this condition of the world is caused by him. According to the US President's accusations, China first hid the information of the corona virus and after that it is now hiding the damage it causes.

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