China refuses to hide information of COVID-19, WHO chief defended

China refuses to hide information of COVID-19, WHO chief defended
China on Thursday denied that it hid them after the Corona virus infection cases came up in December 2019. Saying this, China has defended World Health Organization chief Tedros Gebreyes from the accusations of US President Donald Trump. Trump accused him of being 'China-centric'.

Rejecting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's allegations of concealing Kovid-19 information, State Department spokesman Jiao Lijian said China is the first country to report Kovid-19 to the World Health Organization and does not mean that the virus Is born to Wuhan.

Jiao said, 'The pandemic can spread anywhere in the world first. But its beginning is a matter of science and we should leave it to the science and medical community itself. Significantly, on March 12, the spokesperson alleged that the US Army has brought the Corona virus to Wuhan. The American lodged a diplomatic protest over this statement. However, Jiao did not repeat his charge, but responded in detail to Pompeo's allegations, referring to the 76-day-long lockdown in Wuhan that was lifted Wednesday, saying it boosted other countries' confidence.

He said, "More and more people are beginning to realize that China's solution is right and China's experience is very useful. It would be wrong for any responsible country to blame anyone for the virus. China released the official development of the corona virus on April 6. In it, China said that the corona virus was first detected in Wuhan in late December 2019, where the infection was diagnosed as pneumonia for unknown reasons. But there is no mention of where the virus came from.

The sale of wild animals at the Hunan Seafood Market in Wuhan City is considered the beginning of the corona virus infection. So far, more than 90 thousand people have died due to this global epidemic. Jiao said that the allegation that China hid information and lacked transparency is baseless. China provided the WHO with a 'genetic sequence' of the virus, due to which American laboratories are busy preparing its vaccine. The WHO team that visited Wuhan was also an American expert.

On the question of Wuhan local authorities not taking timely action to hide information and prevent / eradicate the virus, Jiao said, as far as the early days are concerned, it is a new virus. There is a process before knowing everything about it, as you claimed, no information is hidden here. He said that America has direct access to all information and data regarding the virus. Jiao also dismissed Trump's accusations on the WHO chief, saying that the United Nations health agency has done its duty well under his leadership.