Corona Medication Found! 125 patients recover in a week

Corona Medication Found! 125 patients recover in a week
So far more than 5 lakh people have died in the world due to Corona virus and more than 2 million people are affected. Scientists and doctors of the world are trying to make its medicine. In such a situation, there is news of relief for the victims from Chicago. According to media reports, Chicago Medical Center, Gilead Sciences has manufactured a drug that is proving effective on corona patients.

The drug is an antiviral nucleotide analogue drug known as "Remedywear". It is being told that this will make possible the treatment of corona patients. Currently, it was tested at a hospital in Chicago with positive results on corona patients.

Research by the University of Chicago Medical Center (UCCOGO Medicine) rapidly improved when the drug was given to corona patients. A decrease in his fever and respiratory symptoms was noted. In addition, critically ill patients recovered using this drug in less than a week and were discharged. This drug was tested in three stages on corona patients, which included a total of 125 patients. There were 113 severe acute respiratory syndrome patients. Doctor Kathleen Mullen, who is researching this medicine, said the best news is that some have recovered and returned home. This medicine is curing patients soon. At the moment, he has only two patients left.

According to the news, one of the patients involved in the trial, who was the first patient to use this drug, was an employee at a Chicago factory. This person was infected with his daughter. The drug Remedisvir was successfully used on 4 April. The specialty of this drug is that patients with COVID-19 have increased respiratory problems, so they must put on ventilators or offer oxygen. Thus Remedisavir drug was found to be able to reduce the amount of oxygen in these patients.

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