Corona virus has been created in the lab: Luke Montanier

Corona virus has been created in the lab: Luke Montanier
France's Luc Montanier, who won the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, has said that the corona virus is not natural, it made in a laboratory. He said this in an interview with a French channel. According to Luke Montanier, his research suggests that parts of the corona virus are also from the HIV virus. He also says that more researchers are now coming to the same conclusion. Luke Montanier has alleged that evidence and research papers are being suppressed. interview.

So these days you are working on this virus.

Luke Montanier: Yes, I am working on it.

But it is not necessary that this work is being done in the lab itself as we mainly work on computer with our colleague. We have not done many experiments, but our experiences come only from illness. We look at the procedures that are being adopted in laboratories or which are being tried with patients.

And you have reached some conclusions.

Yes, our conclusion is that this virus has been tampered with.


Not complete, but a part of the virus has been tampered with. I mean the structure of this virus is similar to such viruses found in bats, but they have also added parts of the HIV or AIDS virus to it.

Who do you mean to them?

I do not know it

This virus is not natural. Are you saying that

No, it is not natural. It is a work done by a professional molecular biologist in a laboratory. The work is very accurate. Fine as a janitor.

But what is its purpose?

Do not know what my purpose is to tell the facts. I am not accusing anyone. I do not know who did that. Nor can I tell why. Perhaps they are trying to make a vaccine against AIDS. So they took parts of that virus and mixed them with the corona virus.

I do not know if I understand it properly, do you mean that some part of this virus is also of HIV?

well said. If we look at the contents of the gene related to this virus, it is a long chain of RNA ... like it is in DNA, but it is RNA. In this series, he has added a few short episodes of HIV. And there is a purpose to keep them small. This can lead to changes in antigen sites (the outer surface of the virus that collides with our body's antibodies), helping to produce the vaccine.

There are already discussions that this virus has been created, but scientific institutions are rejecting them.

Efforts are also being made to suppress the work being done on this issue. We are not the first. A group of some famous Indian researchers also came to this conclusion. He had also published his report but, he was pressurized and then he withdrew it.

How was pressure created?

This (report) has been canceled. If you search for their work (on the Internet), you will see a cancellation band.

But most scientists are saying contrary to your claim.

Their numbers are now decreasing. This is the beginning of the year and now with the passage of time, the number of our findings is increasing. I am old and I have also got a Nobel, so I can work independently. Therefore, no pressure can be put on me.

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