Corona virus: heaps of corpses in America and Italy, India is fighting strongly

Corona virus: heaps of corpses in America and Italy, India is fighting strongly
At the time when the corona virus is spreading rapidly in the whole world, every country has become ready for India's preparations. From America to Britain, Prime Minister Modi has praised the preparations made by him for fighting Corona in India. In such a situation, the question arises as to what were the reasons that brought America, the world's most powerful country, to its knees, but India is still firmly fighting the Corona.

Explain that Oxford University has taken a step towards the action taken by India on the corona virus.
With this, the World Health Organization has already said that India has the strength on which it will easily defeat Corona. In India, only 3.8 per cent of cases per 10 lakh are of corona infection. In such a situation, it is being said that the situation in India is still much better than other countries.

Corona virus has infected more than 11 lakh people worldwide. Of which 4.68 lakh people in the US are said to be infected with the corona virus. So far 16697 people have died due to Corona virus in America. While the number of corona-infected patients in India is 6412 while 199 people have died.

India's 5 steps which showed India's preparation

1- It took time for Corona to come to India

The best thing for India was that when Corona had spread in the world, India was completely safe. After the coronary virus which developed in China, he immediately locked it. Seeing this effort of China, India also showed courage and started to tighten up when foreign nationals came to India. When this virus moved towards Europe, its horrors were realized, but till then India got plenty of time to fight it. America felt that its border is far from China and there is no threat from Corona. This proved to be his biggest mistake.

2- India locked on time

When only a few cases of Corona virus came in India, then the Modi government decided to lockdown. It took a long time for the other countries to identify it. India tightened first and then locked it down all over the country, which helped greatly in breaking the corona chain. The Indian government had announced a 21-day lockdown on 24 March. Since then, markets, malls and schools have been closed in the entire country. Everyone has been asked to work from home.

3 - Hydroxychloroquine medicine in India

Scientific research has shown that the hydroxychloroquine drug used for malaria is also very helpful for corona virus patients. After this research by scientists, this medicine was given to patients in India. Even the President of America called the Prime Minister himself and demanded medicine. This drug proved to be lifesaving for India and there was a rapid decrease in the number of patients. Many people die of malaria every year in India, that's why a lot of hydroxychloroquine is produced here.

4- Special training to doctors

No country has yet prepared a vaccine to fight Corona. Despite this, the country where the team of doctors is better is winning this battle. India is also seen far ahead of other countries in this. When the cases of corona in India did not even begin to come, since then the doctors here were being trained to visit 100 patients every day. They know what to do if the number of patients reaches 500 or 1000. The Government of India is aware that hospitals are few according to the population here, so the preparation should be the same.

5- Prevented the corona from entering the second stage

India got a lot to learn from the mistakes of other countries. India knew that to win the war against Corona, it would have to stop it from going to the second phase. India knew that it would not be easy to stop it in the third phase. Let us know that its symptoms are seen in the people coming from abroad in the first phase, in the second phase, the corona spreads in those who come in contact with them and in the third phase it starts spreading in the community. The government has done excellent planning on this.