Corona virus originated in China's laboratory, it should be investigated: US

Corona virus originated in China's laboratory, it should be investigated: US
US President Donald Trump's cabinet wants to investigate the origins of the Corona virus-borne epidemic. The Trump administration says that research on bats in Wuhan, China, cannot rule out the possibility of origin of the virus.

Beijing had said that humans could be infected with the virus in Wuhan's animal market. But the Washington Post and Fox News quoted unnamed sources as suggesting that the corona virus may have accidentally come out of a sensitive bio-research center.

US Secretary of State said, he will do a full investigation on everything

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News, 'We are thoroughly investigating everything so that we can know how the virus got out and spread around the world and today it has caused so much destruction in America and all over the world And is therefore killed. People. '

He did not ignore the news and said that the US knew that he had highly contagious material in Wuhan's laboratory. "Countries with an open mindset are able to control and protect things," Pompeo said. They allow outsiders to assure them that all the process is correct. '

Trump said- all stories are being heard

He said, 'I wish it was here too. We will know more about it and we will also know what has happened there today. At a press conference on Wednesday, when asked about the news of China's lab, Trump said that he was getting a lot of stories to hear and that the US was conducting a deeper investigation. President Trump has blamed China and the World Health Organization for the continued Corona virus crisis.

Death toll from corona in America crosses 31 thousand

On Thursday (April 16), the number of deaths due to the global pandemic Corona virus (Kovid-19) in the US has crossed 31 thousand, while the number of patients infected with this virus is more than 6 lakhs in the country. The data has been released by Johns Hopkins, an organization that monitors data on people affected by the Corona virus. Currently, there are 6,40,014 reported infections of Kovid-19 in the most affected states worldwide and the death toll has reached 31,002. At least 52,772 patients have also been recovered in this country.

Meanwhile, according to data compiled by AFP from official sources around the world, 1,39,419 people have died from the corona virus epidemic on Thursday (16 April). More than 20,88,400 cases of infection in 193 countries have been confirmed since the first outbreak of the corona virus epidemic in China in December. Of these, at least 5,28,300 patients have been cured so far.

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