Corona's raw blog of China's mistakes in 'Wuhan's diary', threatens to kill writer

wuhan diary fang fang
In the last 5 months, China's list of mistakes has become very long. Whether the mistake occurred in Wuhan's lab or in the treatment of corona-infected people in Wuhan, a Chinese writer Fang Feng has revealed through her book. A book that has blown the senses of China which is spreading corona around the world.

China has repeatedly denied that Corona was negligent. But this book mentions every sin of China in Wuhan and the world knows that there is only one punishment for those who speak the truth in China.

Therefore, the writer writing the Wuhan diary in China is now being threatened with death.

Wuhan is a city that has horrified the whole world with Corona. But the Chinese government is responsible for the destruction of the world, not the city of Wuhan. Now the correct picture of Corona spread in Wuhan city is going to be revealed to the world through a book. After which China has gone stung.

Writing received the highest honor

64-year-old Fang Feng, who was awarded China's highest honor for writing. Today, she is being threatened with death. Fang Feng's crime is that she has put the whole story of the Corona outbreak in Wuhan and all the sins of the Chinese government into one book. This book named Wuhan Diary is going to be published now. Which will tell the world about all the crimes of China.

Will Wuhan Diary reveal China's sins?

- Chinese writer Fang Feng wrote the Wuhan diary
- Wuhan diary mentions lockdown incidents
- China was angry with the book's arrival abroad
- Phang Pang is getting threatened with death
- People of China accused Fung of embarrassing the country

Where did the ruckus begin

A very strict lockout was carried out in Wuhan from 23 January to 8 April. Meanwhile, Fang started the Wuhan Diary. As long as Fang was referring to everyday and light things, everything was fine. The ruckus started as soon as the government reported the misconduct.

Fang told in his book

- There is no room left in Wuhan's hospitals
- Patients were banished from the hospital
- Masks and equipment were less in hospitals
- The spread of corona from man to man was ignored

American publisher Harper Collins is giving the book the Wuhan diary. Wuhan Diary will be available in the market by June.

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