Coronavirus: Death toll crosses 1.2 million worldwide

Coronavirus: Death toll crosses 1.2 million worldwide
So far, over one lakh twenty thousand people have died in the cheeks of the world due to the corona epidemic. 70 percent of these deaths occurred in Europe alone. Italy, Spain, France, Britain and Germany are the five countries most affected by the epidemic. The death toll in Spain, the worst hit after the US and Italy, has crossed the 18,000 mark.

567 more people died in Spain in the last twenty-four hours. At the same time, 3,045 new cases of infection have also been reported. The number of infected in the country has crossed one lakh 72 thousand. Despite this, Emergency Coordinator Fernando Simon in Spain says that the current figures are shocking.

On 30 March, all types of construction work in the country were banned, making the lockout tougher. However, the construction and manufacturing sector was relaxed on Monday with some restrictions.

Germany's Robert Koch Health Institute has warned people that the reduction in the number of infected cases should not be considered the end of the epidemic. Easter has not been tested in recent days, due to which its number has been low. There have been 2,082 new cases of infection in Germany. The total number of people infected there has exceeded one lakh 30 thousand.

Russia may seek military help to deal with rising infections. President Vladimir Putin said, 'We are seeing that the situation is changing every day. However, unfortunately there is no improvement in this situation. On Monday, 2,558 new cases of infection have been reported in Russia. In this way the number of infected people there has increased to 21,102. So far 210 people have died in the country due to the epidemic.

The lockout in the country has been extended until 11 May in France. President Emanuel Macron made this announcement in a TV address. This is the third time the country has been addressed since the corona epidemic began in the country. The lockout has been in force since 17 March in France. During the last twenty-four hours in France, 574 more people lost their lives.

This week lockout will remain in force in Britain. Bach was announced by Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb, who took office in the absence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He said, 'There are also some positive signs among the increasing number of dead, which shows that we are going to win this battle. Currently, there is no change in lockdown.

Crimes have increased during the lockout in South Africa. So far more than two thousand people have been infected there. The Education Minister said on Monday that since the lockout started on March 27, looting incident has been carried out in 183 schools so far. Apart from this, people are also looting liquor shops.

The lockout in Nepal has been extended to 27 April. The lockout has been in operation since March 24. For the first time in Iran during April, the death toll was less than 100. New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Ardern has said that this is not the right time to end the lockdown.

Countries.  deaths.       Affected

America      23,654        5,87,815

Italy              20,465        1,59,516

Spain            18,056        1,72,541

France          14,967        1,37,877

Britain           12,107        93,873

Iran                4,683          74,877

Belgium         4157          31119

China             3341           82249

Germany        3215          1,30,383