Coronavirus: high risk of infection of Covid-19 in obese people, know what the say experts

The corona virus has engulfed the entire world. Covid-19 cases are also increasing in India. Everyday new questions are arising in people's minds. Experts about the World Health Organization, Union Health Ministry and Covid-19 are sharing many information with people. Despite this, many questions are troubling people's minds. Let us know what are the correct answers to many such questions.

Are obese people more at risk of infection with Covid-19?

The same thing has been revealed in a study of over 15,000 cases in a UK hospital. According to experts, people with fat have a higher risk of flu-like infections.

The immune system is already fighting many problems. Problems related to breath are also more in these. When fat accumulates in the internal organs, the lungs and heart have to work harder to do their work. For this reason, in obese people, due to Covid-19, the lungs are more affected.

Children are becoming very irritable due to corona. They keep fighting among themselves.

This is not a particularly big problem. According to psychiatrist Burmese, it is natural for children to be bored or irritable. They are away from their school environment and friends. With family, but can't get out. This is happening these days. In such a situation, keep a few things in mind from your side - do not favor one of the two children. Do not let any kind of inferiority complex flourish in them. You play with them or have a good time. If there is a particular reason for a quarrel between them, then talk about it. Both talk separately.

Is it right to plan baby now?

According to a study in China, the corona virus does not spread to the fetus during pregnancy. There is also no presence in breast milk, umbilical cord blood. According to the US CDC, it also does not increase the likelihood of miscarriage. But there are some other things that pregnant women need to take care of, such as how the situation will be for some time to come, may need to go to a regular hospital for examination. Take these things into consideration. It would be right to talk to a doctor in this regard.

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