Coronavirus-infected British PM Boris Johnson's deteriorating health, admitted to ICU

British PM Boris Johnson
Corona virus-infected Briton Prime Minister Boris Johnson's health has worsened. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Late in the night, he was shifted to the ICU ward of the hospital. Before hospitalization, it was informed that he is being admitted to the hospital for regular tests, but his health there has deteriorated further. He has been shifted to the ICU after his health deteriorated.
Let me tell you that 10 days ago Boris Johnson was confirmed to be suffering from Corona, after which he was quarantined at his residence.

Boris Johnson used to work from there, but after his health deteriorated, he was admitted to the hospital and then to the ICU. Significantly, Prime Minister Johnson's pregnant fiancé Carrie Symonds also shows signs of corona virus, after which she has placed herself in self-isolation. In Johnson's absence, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will oversee his work.